About us

About Us

Breathe stands at the forefront of African logistics healthcare support systems, using technology to connect healthcare centers with oxygen through a coordinated relationship with stakeholders while working towards prompt delivery.

Breathe adopts a distribution system built on a geo-spatial logistics framework in ensuring oxygen is available and accessible across our client healthcare centres.

Our Breathe journey started with oxygen. Breathe literarily means ‘to have life’. The seed-idea for Breathe was conceptualized after seeing, firsthand, what not having adequate volumes of oxygen in the body could result to. Fortunately, the particular experience had a more eventful eventuality.

Eventhough the patient made it through and lived (thankfully), it was a re-awakening as to the number of people (patients, families or friends) who have to live with rather painful eventualities. Ambulance services provides a privilege to provide a solution to bridge existing gaps in the emergency response system in Africa The question we ask ourselves each time is this: How happier will Africans be if only we can have access to essential services on time,every time.

To ensure our clients have an unlimited availability and an unrestricted accessibility to essential services promptly.

To be the go-to provider of innovative healthcare support services to businesses and individuals within Sub Saharan Africa.


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We have the best hands

Our team is made up of people with over 20 years of experience in healthcare support service delivery planning, technology implementation, community impact assessment, management consulting and innovation management. At Breathe, we see having timely access to life-sustaining therapy as a right of every African.This is why we do what we do

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